R&B Music Artists

One of the oldest styles of recorded music in America is none other than R&B. Record companies decided that they needed something special to market to mostly urban African Americans, hence the birth of R&B. Rock music which was based on jazz, with a continuous hard and heavy beat, was gaining in popularity in those days, and R&B became an offshoot to that. As the music evolved it became the pop music of today. Today’s R&B is a mixture of Motown, Hip Hop, Jazz, Disco, and even some electronic music. For more info, see Dope Cause We Said, a website about music discovery, culture, and lifestyle.

The popularity of R&B music began lagging until the early 2000s, but has since experienced a strong resurgence. The biggest reason for this resurgence was because of few artists released some amazing songs that caused many music enthusiasts to begin changing their minds about the genre. Today, we have some incredible R&B artists that have been extremely successful in the business. We hope you enjoy our list of our top Kings of R&B and Queens of R&B, as well as the R&B Forums that cater to this genre of music.